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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A busy busy December!!

So this week has been crazy for us but I have had some interesting events with my daughter that I thought I would share.
We went to the naval museum on Tuesday and they have this great little play area that is clearly for children only. Well Emmy was sticking to the lower level for the most part until all the kids ran up the stairs and their she went. Well the only way to get down from the top is a a twisty enclosed slide or mom crawls in on her hands and knees. Well Emmy refused to go down the twisty slide so I enlisted Reese one of my friends older little girls to sit with her and come down the slide. So I am waiting at the bottom of the slide and down comes Reese with only Emmys dress. So now my child is at the top of the play ground yelling for HEP (help) naked. So you guessed it all 8.5 months pregnant of me loaded up the stairs and persuaded (pushed) her down the slide thinking if she did it once she would either A. do it again or B.not go up the stairs...WRONG! Up she went again and yelled at the top, HEP I need HEP (help). Again up I went and down we came and we walked on out the door.
Then this Thursday I was at my parents doing laundry (our dryer broke) and she got out their back door and was wondering around their yard yelling for her BOTS (my dad) before I realized she had opened the door. Fortunately it is fenced in but still the panic I felt running out that door is nothing like I have ever felt before. Of course when I got to her it took everything I had in me not to ring her little neck and through the tears I tried to scold her and she looked at me and said "no no mommy where Bots". Good gravy what am I going to do with this child. But I sure love her. We are so excited for Christmas and hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas

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  1. I'm laughing at the image I have of a naked Emmy at the top of a slide.... so precious!